A named query is a URI pattern available on (i.e., not this API) that will return a IIIF resource such as a collection, or manifest, or sequence, or canvas. For example:

This query is an instance of the following template:{customer}/{named-query}/{space}/{string1}

This customer (iiifly) has a named query called ‘manifest’ that takes two parameters - the space and the string1 metadata field. The query is internally defined to use an additional field - number1 - and to generate a manifest with one sequence, with each canvas in the sequence having one image. The images selected by the query must all have string1=ae678999 in this case, and are ordered by number1. An image query against the dlcs API returns a collection of DLCS Image objects. a Named Query uses an DLCS image query but then projects these images and constructs a IIIF resource from them, using the parameters provided. Information on designing and configuring named queries is provided in a special topic.

See More on named queries for further explanation on named queries.


Supported operations

Method Label Expects Returns Statuses
GET Retrieve a Named Query vocab:NamedQuery 200 OK, 404 Not found
PUT create or replace a Named Query vocab:NamedQuery vocab:NamedQuery 200 OK, 201 Created Named Query, 404 Not found
PATCH Update the supplied fields of the Named Query vocab:NamedQuery vocab:NamedQuery 205 Accepted Named Query, reset view, 400 Bad request, 404 Not found
DELETE Delete the Named Query owl:Nothing 205 Accepted Named Query, reset view, 404 Not found

Supported properties


The name that appears for the query in the path on, e.g., ‘manifest’

domain range readonly writeonly
vocab:NamedQuery xsd:string False False


The named query is available to all customers

domain range readonly writeonly
vocab:NamedQuery xsd:boolean False False


URI template

domain range readonly writeonly
vocab:NamedQuery xsd:string False False